Frequently Asked Questions

"I've never done any winemaking on premise, what do I need to know and how much work is required of me."
The process of making wine on premise starts with choosing the type of wine you want to make and what quality of wine kit you want to use. The A.G.C.O. requires that the customer own the ingredients and begin the process by pouring the necessary ingredients into the primary fermentation container and sprinkling the yeast to begin fermentation.
We assist you at all times to whatever extent required. After the batch is started the customer has no further obligations until the wine is ready to be bottled. When you arrive for your bottling appointment you need to sanitize your bottles, fill them and finish by applying labels and shrink caps if so desired. We provide all the necessary equipment and assistance for you to accomplish this with ease.

"What determines quality?"
Wine quality is determined by several factors. The first being the quality of the raw ingredients contained in the kit. We primarily use Winexpert products as they have an extremely high standard for the raw material quality used to make their kits. The second is the amount of non-concentrated juice contained in the kit. Most kits contain some concentrated juice in order to reduce the aging requirement for the finished wine. Instead of having to age the wine for a year or two the wine can be fully enjoyed much sooner.

"Can I clean my bottles when I come in to the shop?"
No, your bottles should already be clean as we provide time and equipment for sanitizing already clean bottles. Thoroughly rinsing a wine bottle very soon after it is empty, soaking it for a few minutes to remove the label and draining it completely eliminates the need to spend much more time cleaning bottles that are left to the last minute. HINT! Store the clean bottles upside down to avoid contamination by foreign objects or dust.

"Can I store my wine at Winexpert North York?"
Sorry, it is required by law that once your wine is ready and you have bottled it the wine must be removed from our premise.

"Can I make 1/2 a batch of Red and 1/2 a batch of White?"
The best way to achieve this is to find yourself a friend, relative or co-worker to split the batches with.

"Why don't I recognize all the types of wines you offer and what if I don't know what I like?"
Many commercially available wines have protection for their names and in order for us to offer similar wines we have had to use alternate names for our kits. If you don't know what you like we can usually determine through questions and discussion what you would enjoy.